Internet marketing vs. traditional marketing

November 25, 2016


Many new business owners spend their so much money and energy on formation and quality of product and service only, not recognizing that success is not just from what the business offers, but the capability to reach a market and sell out your products and services. Marketing plays a critical role in business success. Now questions arise that what is marketing? What are its types? And what is the difference between internet marketing and traditional marketing and which type is more beneficial for businesses? All these questions will be discussed in this article.

What is marketing?

Marketing is a process in which businessmen adopt different tactics to promote their products and services to entire customers and clients. With the development of technology, the internet also makes a huge place in almost every aspect of life. It will be true if someone says that, nowadays marketing can be categorized into two kinds; internet marketing and traditional marketing.

What is Internet marketing?

 Internet marketing is a process for the promotion of goods and services through online methods just like Internet, and Social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.

What is Traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing means to promote your goods and services through offline methods just like radio, T.V newspapers, catalogs, billboards, magazines, direct sales, etc.

Differences between Internet marketing and traditional marketing:

There are following differences between internet marketing and traditional marketing:


The main difference between traditional marketing and internet marketing is the cost. When it comes to the marketing of a product or service using traditional marketing techniques like paper ads, radio, billboards, or television, all of them need a massive amount of operating cost to reach their potential customers. On the other hand, by using the tools of internet marketing you can find the audience in a very cost effective way.


The tools which are used for traditional marketing are radio, T.V, newspapers, magazines, etc. and this type of platform for marketing will not give you enough exposure. It will only short spam exposure to your product. Whereas, internet marketing will provide great exposure as the product will permit a person to discover, as it is forever available on the internet.


Despite the fact that we are living in the age of the internet, but it is also the fact that everyone has not access towards the internet, especially the people, living in rural areas. But the people who have better access can know techniques in a better way.


In internet marketing, you can customize your message to target a large amount of audience, but traditional marketing can’t do so.


There is always an ongoing battle that which method is best at offering the greater benefit and value. The fact is, both methods can be valuable, and there is not any reason to choose one over the other, as both types have its own pros and cons. So, one should choose marketing strategy for the promotion of his business according to his sources.


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